About The Snowflake Diaries

Everyone is an individual.  Everyone is unique.  We are all like snowflakes–cliché?  A bit.  But, it is still true.  We as a society, however, seem to forget this and start trying to cram each other into our own boxes of who and what people should be.  Those “labels” or “stereotypes” are not only damaging, but in many cases, flat out wrong.  This blog is intended to tackle the difficult and controversial issues of our society–everything from marriage equality to anti-bully to body shaming to cosplay/cosplay etiquette, females in gaming and/or science, etc.  The views expressed in each post are not necessarily the author’s personal views–in some cases, the articles are meant to challenge the status quo (“because the status is not quo!” Dr. Horrible).

The author encourages discussion and commenting…but, please keep it respectful.  If you disagree, that is fine!  It’s part of what makes everyone different–just like snowflakes.


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